1. The terms “we”, “us”, “our” or “Company” or “Marketing Standard” shall mean Marketing Standard SARL. The term “you”, “your” or “Customer” means any person or entity accepting the services provided by the Company.

2. Marketing Standard provide services in the terms expressed hereby and agreed proforma or proposals, referred as “Terms”.

3. This website is the property of Marketing Standard SARL in France but also registered in Denamrk. Use of this site is governed by the Terms and Conditions set forth.

4. Terms expressed hereby may change prior agreement between the Company and the Customer.

5. Guarantee 100% compliance while the Customer provides the material with complete and precise instructions and fulfil with terms and conditions.

6. The Customer must enter the full material for the execution of the project in viable format by email or another tools used by the Company. The Customer is responsible for the information provided.

7. We do not solicit any prepayment charges except in specific previously agreed deals.

8. Purchase Order is related to the acceptance of the service we provide and as agreed between the parties on the terms of plans, rates and / or approved proposals.

9. The acceptance of Proformas or proposals becomes effective as Purchase Order by email approval from the Customer, and in case of informal consent by the Customer, the Acceptance of Service shall be confirmed by any ongoing project or any directions from the Customer related to the proposal.

10. The service packages offered by the Company are indivisible and non-negotiable with its components. The Customer waives obtaining contribution deductions made ​​for hosting or other items. The price set must be completely paid including the charges incurred in respect of collection, needed interventions for various tasks, migration and release of the site.

11. The Customer accepts charges generated by concept of reconversion or division of previously agreed services packs.

12. The acceptance of Proformas or proposals becomes effective as Purchase Order by requesting the service in our website using forms or any kind of emarketing promotions or digital offer.

13. The runtime stated in the proform is guaranteed upon the complete delivery of the material.

14. The Customer is responsible to fulfill payment periods established in the agreed terms.

15. The Customer accepts the additional fees and charges stated in our service plans or upon proportional calculation.

16. The Customer forfeits the discount and bonuses offered on our plans if you do not meet the payments on the agreed date.

17. The payments shall be sent directly to Marketing Standard account.

18. Notifications sent to the Customer shall be valid even if he claims not to have received them . The Company is not responsible for the receipt of communications or jobs sent to the email account provided by the client.

19. Delivery: With the reception of the work the client has three (03) calendar days to submit corrections of content or form. After that time the changes will have a 30% surcharge it will reflect on the receivable note.

20. The Customer is responsible for the timely payment of billing or dues payment agreed between the parties. The invoice must be paid the first five (05) calendar days before payment is due.

21. Each additional service will charge according to the current rate.

22. The Customer is responsible for delivering the material in the desired language, if you do not have it available the Company can do the translation with charges at the prevailing rates.

23. All contracts are automatically renewed unless otherwise noted previously.

24. The Company is not responsible for server problems or thiers party providers that are not within the margin of warranty offered.

25. During the course of the business relationship is possible that the Company must make changes to their servers, the client accepts IP address change that may be made ​​in such a migration. No guarantee that you can keep the IP numbers assigned except by prior arrangement.

26. When occurring the end of service the Customer is responsible to cease the use of the IP address, the names of the assigned servers and the DNS domain name of our servers.

27. The Company is not responsible for the migration of content to another provider.

28. The Customer agrees to transfer the domain name registered by the Company only if he met the stipulated payments and service charges.

29. Customer may not transfer or dispose of the account if you are not solvent with the Company.

30. Once published the domain the information about the Customer’s name, address and the domain itself is public.

31. The Company is not responsible for the content or materials that the client delivered to the construction of the project. It is the Customer´s responsibility that the content placed on your website complies with the laws, rules and relevant local, national and international regulations.

32. Marketing Standard is excluded from any legal dispute that the Customer contract for violation of copyright or trademark.

33. Marketing Standard is excluded from any legal dispute that the Customer contract by expressed in the content on your website.

34. The Company is not responsible for damage or changes caused by hacking.

35. If the client does not provide the necessary project´s construction material, a 30% surcharge on the amount of execution for the concept of lifting the material will be charged.

36. The cost of additional updates to the plan contracted shall be governed by the current rate.

37. In case of delayed payment the service could be discontinued as of the day seven (07) of the agreed date of payment.

38. Customer agrees that service’s reconnection generates charges according to the prevailing rate.

39. The Customer is responsible for safeguarding and periodically make backup of the material that the Company published in the web, in the servers and emails.

40. Customers shall not blame the Company for business results.

41. The Company is not responsible for the decisions taken by the Customer based on the advice and consulting that Company provides.

42. The server changes made ​​to the Company can not generate charges in tariffs. It is the responsibility of the Customer to contract services with third parties to make any adjustments or settings.

43. The Cessation to service provision will be presented if the Customer placed on the Web provided by the Company:

a. Illegal content or promotes illegal activities.

b. Content that promotes child abuse.

c. Content that promotes violence against people or animals.

d. Malicious software.

e. Content that promotes violence, racism, xenophobia and other forms of discrimination.

f. Contents that lift perjury, misleading language or malicious complaints to Marketing Standard.

44. The client waives privilege, service guarantees and money back guarantee when issues are presented for nonpayment or breach of special agreements.

45. In case of outage, the Company is not responsible nor can be attributed to exercise contract performance or damages or losses related to opportunity cost, through no fault nor own causes.

46. The client shall not assign, sale, lease or sublease, or to negotiate this contract under any circumstances with third parties.

47. GOVERNING LAW. This Agreement shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Denmark. Each party agrees that in the event it brings a proceeding against the other party relating to this Agreement, then such proceeding will take place in the jurisdiction and venue of Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen.