Web repair and optimization

Improve your Website to increase sales results

Meets industry standards in addition to high performance for the convenience of your visitors:

Usability improvement

Usability is a recent term and has to do with the notion of facilitating understanding and interaction with a website, a well structured web portal where users quickly find what they are looking for, a website that is not overloaded with content, stay intuitive and consistent.

Performance pack

Website performance will increase directly the user experience or UX  (Usability), which will translate into more satisfied users that will have an impact on better sales, therefore, it improve the reputation of the Website, positively affecting natural positioning (so called organic SEO).

SOS email Pack

This services consists of urgent assistance to put the email system into operation when incidents or service interruptions occur or to retrieve the emails from the blacklists.

email normalization

Our tests are external and non-intrusive. At no time do we request access codes to the emails nor will we have access to them -even for testing process.
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