Digital marketing management

Apply this tools on your website and multiply your business profits

Our services include communication and image consulting focused on facilitating the process of selling your products and developing an effective Marketing tool:

Improve results!

A digital Marketing plan is very similar to a traditional Marketing plan and requires many of  same elements. To increase your competitiveness we could develop an e-marketing plan for you, mainly on:

– External and internal analysis.

– Online marketing objectives and strategy.

– Online marketing activities and implementation.


Start selling!

We offer a package ready to use including consulting and management.

Discover advanced strategies for optimizing your email campaigns and boosting subscriber acquisition.

PPC – Keyword Campaign

PPC stands for “Pay-Per-Click” and covers the purchase of keyword campaigns / ads on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

This is one of the world’s leading online advertising models. The advertiser pays for each click the reader makes on a specific site.

Full management service

Your advertising will appear in Google search results when someone searches with the keyword you select (or in Google ads on other websites).

We adapt our experience to your case

We can help you to implement this kind of affiliate marketing programs in your project

Successful affiliate programs require significant work and maintenance. Affiliate websites are often categorized by merchants (i.e., advertisers) and affiliate networks.


Create productive links!

All the websites and directories that we link you to are recognised online, relevant to your industry and have a good standing with search engines. Link building is one of the most and crucial part of any search engine optimisation campaign. With a professional link building campaign you can achieve your goals.

We send for you!

Creation and sending of promotions and customized messages in HTML format. Segmentation by occupation, activity, geographic zone or technology.

We develop templates so that your communications have a professional and consistent appearance.


Analyze the impact of your promotions!

We offer an automated system that allows you to send emails to a preselected database and easily check the results of each email, specifically we can help in:

Open e-mails with images: notification of the number of recipients who have opened the e-mails, at what time they have done it and how many times.

E-mails with links visited: notification of the number of recipients that after opening the e-mail have clicked on a link or link, at what time they have done so and how many times.


Promote with mailing!

This involves sending advertisements to subscribers who signed up voluntarily on your mailing list. Mail is only sent to subscribers who have asked to receive it.

With this tool you can promote contests and sales promotions to your customer database and to the list of people who voluntarily registered. It is not invasive and is perfectly legal.

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